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Fastidium is the Former Emperor of The Analurian Empire. Long ago he contracted with the Artificer Demon Lusakir to protect his falling empire transforming him into a Demon of Pride. Fastidium is the current king of The Corrupted Spire, and is considered the King of all Pride Demons, due to his massive amounts of power (Bordering on Artificer level). He is most well known to had been the Demon to destroy the once Great Kingdom of Alinore overnight.
Full nameFastidium
NicknamesThe Bloody Abyss
SpeciesDemon of Pride
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorPurple
Height6'8 ft.
Professional Status
AffiliationThe Corrupted Spire, The Alumni
Previous AffiliationThe Analurian Empire
OccupationKing of the Spire
Personal Status
SourceBlood magic
AuthorityMental manipulation/ The Mind
Abilities and Equipment
Fighting styleKenjutsu, Kendō, Magical Offense/Defense
WeaponBloodsteel Katana


Fastidium takes many forms, but he mainly can be seen as a mild-featured man with menacing Purple eyes, and his hair is swept back, with a strand hanging down his face.


Pre-Harmonization with the Archangel Zenith

Fastidium (before his harmonization with Zenith) possesses a brutal and arrogant personality alongside a lethal temper. However, despite his obvious bloodlust and desire for power, Fastidium possesses a overwhelming and scary intellect and has a knack for quickly exploiting any openings his opponent reveals. Fastidium is also blunt, sarcastic and very sadistic, enjoying the pain he has caused upon his victims. Fastidium is also very disrespectful to others.

Post-Harmonization with the Archangel Zenith

During and after his harmonization with the archangel Zenith, Fastidium begins to portray aspects of his personality he had in life. Fastidium becomes a polite, soft-spoken intellectual. He rarely shows any sign of alarm or distress, and often has entire situations planned out well in advance. Whenever confronted, Fastidium is casual and uncaring, attempting to draw out a conversation and make small talk, which often infuriates those he is talking to. His intellect seems to get even sharper and more dangerous during this time, making him far above his previous level of understanding.

Fastidium is manipulative, and very dangerous. He cares very little for his underlings, and is willing to use almost everyone around him as pawns to achieve his goals. He is willing to stop at nothing to further his ambitions, including manipulating or killing anyone if he deems it to be necessary. He frequently toys with his underlings for amusement.


Fastidium is a demon that has lived since ancient times. He is most notable for the destruction of the Great Kingdom of Alinore, and the massacre of Heimdaliir. Fastidium's Human name and Title was Emperor Fabulinus Atticus Valentina VI of the once massive Analurian Empire. During the Great War (The event that Destroyed The Analurian Empire) he made a pact with the Demon Lusakir to take revenge on the people that had killed his Husband, and destroyed his empire. Lusakir then turned him into a Demon of Pride and gave him massive amounts of power, in return he gave Lusakir his soul, after this he took on the name Fastidium. After he made his pact he began to seek out to avenge his Husband and Empire. Eventually Fastidium did take revenge on the Kingdoms that destroyed his family, while also absorbing their power into himself.

After several Hundred years had passed, Fastidium took up residence in his ancient capital of Analuria, he rebuilt it and renamed it The Spire. During this time, it is believed Fastidium went into a deep seclusion until the destruction of Alinore kingdom that once existed south of Heimdaliir. Alinore is the place thought to be where Fastidium made up his mind on his final goal. Fastidium turned the entire populous of the City-state to stone, in the process taking their souls.

Heimdaliir was a city that lay just south of the of the Great Cyrystal Mountains. The Destruction of Heimdaliir was the 2nd most well known destruction of a city known, it is noted as being excessively brutal. It is said that after the massacre by Fastidium, that the river that ran through the city was red with blood.


Perfect Mental Manipulation

  • Hypnosis: This power allows Fastidium to control the five senses to the point where it can make the target misinterpret another person's form, shape, mass, feel, and smell to be an enemy's. The initiation condition for the hypnosis is for the enemy to see him activate it. After seeing it just once, this person will completely succumb to the hypnosis every time it is used, regardless of how long ago they saw it. The complete hypnosis of Fastidium's power is absolutely flawless; even if the target is aware of being under the hypnosis, they cannot resist its influence. The hypnotic abilities of this power make it a highly useful tool in combat.
  • Psychotic Pressure: This technique projects a mental pressure over the victims mind, knocking them completely unconscious. It can also affect memories.
  • Inverse Illusion: The opponent's eyesight, direction of incoming attacks, and injury locations, up and down, left and right as well as forward and backward are reversed/inverted. Countering the damage from the inverted directions simply by processing it all within the mind is not possible. No matter how powerful the opponent, especially if one is accustomed to fighting, their body will not be able to adapt due to their reflexes preventing proper reaction, which causes them to continuously succumb to the power's effect.
  • Perfect Dominion: This power allows Fastidium to exert control over his victims. (Providing that they have a weak enough Willpower.)
  • Noimosýnikinesis: Fastidium can manipulate others capacity for logic, abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, communication, learning, memory, planning, creativity and problem solving. They can enhance it or even reduce it in some cases.
  • Telepathy: Fastidium can speak to one using only his mind.
  • Telekinesis: Fastidium Can move objects, and people with his Mind.
  • Neuro-shock: Fastidium can Paralyze Mortal's with this ability, however he him self will have limited mobility for at least 3 hours after using it.
  • Psychic Energy Manipulation: Fastidium can manipulate Psychic energy, giving him the ability to create a psychic barrier, shield and blade. He can also make Psychic beams of energy and waves to attack opponents.
  • Psychic Healing: Fastidium can heal himself and others with this ability. He is able to heal himself to an epic degree, it is almost like instant regeneration.

Runes Master

Fastidium is a master at the usage of runes and can utilize them with a precise skill.

Master Swordsman

Fastidium is a master with a blade, he is well trained in Kenjutsu and Kendō.

Superior Genius Intellect

Arguably, the most fearsome trait of Fastidium's is his tremendous intellect. He is a master strategist and tactician, and a Master Manipulator.

Master Spell caster

Fastidium is a master at Magic, able to cast spells with a snap of a finger. He is also proficient with the Spell Black coffin, which is one of the most deadly spells known to exist.

Great Strength

Fastidium is very physically fit, being able to punch through solid crystal.

Demon Pact

Fastidium is able to make Demonic pacts with other being's, however this usually results in the other loosing their soul to the demon.